Your soap and candle making supplies all under one roof

I’m passionate about what we do...

…and it shows in how Scents & Suds has evolved.  Starting in 2021 in response to ongoing comments in soap making forums about the inability to easily source US based fragrance oils in Australia, Scents & Suds has grown into a community of like-minded craftspeople and creators.

With ingredients sourced based on customer request (or demand!), the Scents & Suds product range has evolved and will continue to do so. From bulk carrier oils, butters and raw ingredients for the hobbyist or professional soap maker, to waxes, wicks, vessels and fragrances for chandlers, ingredients for skincare and bath/shower products, you will find something new and useful on each visit!

It’s not just about the supplies

Scents & Suds Supplies isn’t just about the products.  It’s a community. A place to connect.  A place to share ideas.  A place to ask questions. 

Whether it be in the Facebook group, or at the warehouse, it’s a comfortable place for us to sit a while and truly get back to why we enjoy our craft. 

Soap and candle crafters are traditionally quite generous with their knowledge, and Scents & Suds is about harnessing this – not giving away our intellectual property, but helping each other problem solve, share stories about our fabulous wins, and spectacular failures… without judgement, or fear of being talked down to.

Scents and Suds Soap Making Supplies
Scents and Suds Candle Making Supplies

So, come on down and say hi!

The Scents & Suds warehouse is located in Mitcham, in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.  It’s a small yet happy place to share ideas and have a catch up on what we’ve been up to in our businesses. 

Pop in for a quick stock pick-up, or take a more relaxed approach, stay and browse other products, have a smell of some fragrances you’ve been wanting to check out, and chat to other makers.